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25 + years of experience in the media sector


Get the Best in Communications and Strategic Consulting

Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip is the founder of two ongoing ventures: Policyinstitute.net, a non-profit organization, and de-news.net, a service delivering news about Germany in English and French (see boxes below).

Through his background as a journalist, researcher, and NGO Manager, Koch can provide you with the best solutions in media and communications, open up opportunities for your charity, or solve academic questions that may arise, either for you or your organization.

For many years, Koch has engaged in human rights, and, since 2017, has been focusing on soft counter-extremism. His track record makes him a trusted expert in both areas.  More...

Our Services

We offer services in communication, political questions, as well as in the social sciences.


Soft counter-extremism, efforts against hate speech, political analyses, and capacity building in the Sahel.


Periodic news articles regarding Germany's economy and the country's main political occurrences.


Advice on counter-extremism, expertise in media & communications as well as in the social sciences.